State of the Network | 2007

Concerns Over VoIP Reliability Remain Despite Widespread Adoption

Network engineers often lack the appropriate tools to successfully manage and troubleshoot VoIP performance problems. According to the study, nearly half of the organizations surveyed have implemented the technology, and 32 percent of these organizations lacked the ability to monitor VoIP performance.

“Many organizations adopt VoIP to save on telecom costs without realizing how sensitive VoIP performance is to other applications running on the network,” said Charles Thompson, Manager of Sales Engineering for Network Instruments. “The switch is often made without fully understanding the complexities of the technology as well as the high expectations users have of voice performance.”

Study Highlights:

VoIP goes mainstream: Forty-five percent of organizations have VoIP running on their network.

Top VoIP concern: Nearly half were concerned with their ability to monitor the quality of VoIP service.

Monitoring tools: Sixty-one percent of network engineers report having insufficient ability to monitor applications.